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HD Plastic Dock Wheels

Our very popular poly dock wheel. These wheels have a slightly narrower tread width but are have heavier wall thickness than many competing wheels. The narrower tread width on this plastic dock wheel is helpful in rocky terrain, but also works great for sand bottoms. Heavy duty plastic wheels are designed for all types of roll-in docks and boat lifts. Because they are made of heavy duty polyethylene, they will never wear out, won't rust on the shaft, roll easily on all terrains, will handle most types of docks, and require no maintenance. Suitable for roll-in kits and for shore end wheels on docks. These poly wheels are also suitable for boat lifts. For more product details, see the dock wheel product page.

The tread on this plastic dock wheel has a center spine for easy rolling on hard surfaces and cross bands for traction on soft ground. Featuring a strong four spoke design with strengthening inset panels. Elongated hub extends to one side of wheel for proper offset from axle support for care-free easy rolling.



Outside Diameter: 24"

Tread Surface Width: 7"

Hub Size: 4" outside diameter x 7" long

Shaft Size: 2" inside diameter (for 1-1/2" galvanized pipe)

Water Inlet/Drain Holes: Four 1/4" holes

Material: Virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitor

Color: Black
Material Thickness: Varies
Weight: 11-12 lbs
Capacity: 700 lb per wheel. (Working Capacity 500 lbs)
Specifications subject to vary.


Our Price: Only $34.99 each


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